About Us

Al-Behar Industries Co. Ltd. officially established since 1999, although the group’s physical activities started since 1996 under the name of Triangle Establishment.
Our Head quarters is in Jordan, while the operation branches, sister companies and associates are located in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Indonesia, USA, Ghana, Turkey and Italy.
Al-Behar Industries Co. Ltd. today is considered one of the main sales forces in the supply chain of major industries operating under the most advanced systems to insure the highest level of service under
ISO 9001 procedures, also Al-Behar is associated with manyinternational bodies like ICIS, EMA.
Al-Behar Industries Co. Ltd. Acts as a supplier for strategic industrial inputs & materials, selling on regular basis to more than 21 countries with a little over than 200 well established long term clients, and operating by decentralized entities, managements and companies, specialized each in its sector, but at the same time integrated together under one umbrella.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence